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10 Simple New Year’s Resolutions to Find Relief From IBS

The new year is a great opportunity for you to reflect on the past year and identify what you think worked well for you and what didn’t work well and that you can improve upon when it comes to managing your IBS.

Then based on what you have discovered, you want to start planning for your year ahead by first setting yourself some simple goals and then what action steps you will need to take to achieve these goals. Having a clear plan will set your year up for success and help you to reach your goals faster.

Remember that success and progress is a series of small wins over time. So, you want to set yourself small, achievable goals that you can easily implement into your daily routine. Avoid setting huge goals that are just not realistic or achievable as this can set yourself up for failure.

If you are someone who has been struggling with debilitating gut symptoms like bloating, constipation or diarrhoea and are not sure how to get started in finding relief from your IBS, this is the best time to start making living your life without symptoms and being in control of your IBS a priority!

Here are 10 simple New Year’s resolutions you can make to help you get started in breaking free from your IBS in 2023!

  1. Do yoga 2 times per week so I can improve my gut-brain connection, relieve uncomfortable gut symptoms, decrease stress and anxiety and improve my mood⁠.

  2. Create a bedtime routine so I can improve my sleep quality and get at least 8 hours of sleep each night.

  3. Eat at least 30 different plant-based foods each week so I can improve my overall gut health which will help me decrease my symptoms and increase my tolerance to foods.

  4. Limit my intake of gut irritants including caffeine, spicy food, fatty food, alcohol and fizzy drinks so I can reduce unwanted gut symptoms.

  5. Eat small meals every 3-4 hours so I can prevent bloating, regulate my bowel habits and improve my energy levels.

  6. Do gentle movement on most days including walking, bike riding or swimming so I can get my gut moving, soothe stomach pain or discomfort, expel excess gas and regulate my bowel habits.⁠

  7. Include 10 minutes of meditation each day so I can improve my gut-brain connection, which will help me relieve my symptoms and decrease feelings of stress and anxiety.

  8. Increase my daily water intake to 35 millilitres per kilogram of body weight (eg. 35ml x my body weight in kg = ml/day) so that I can improve the way my gut works, prevent constipation and avoid dehydration from diarrhoea.

  9. Avoid fad, generic gut health supplements so that I can save my valuable time and money and get to the underlying cause of my symptoms. These are not regulated like prescription medications and don’t even need to prove that they work. They also often contain high FODMAP or gut irritant ingredients which can make symptoms worse.

  10. Invest in getting the support of an IBS Dietitian to guide me step-by-step through exactly how to quickly find relief from my IBS so I can ditch all the confusion, overwhelm and stress of trying to figure it all out on my own.


Are you ready to get started on achieving lifetime relief from your bloating and IBS so you can feel confident wearing tight clothes again? I can provide you with support and resources to guide you through the exact steps you need to take to fast-track your results.⁠ CLICK HERE to book your FREE Strategy Call to learn more and get started!



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