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An IBS Dietitians Guide to Finding Fast Relief from an IBS Flare-Up

Do you feel confused about how to recover from a flare-up in your IBS?⁠

You’re not alone! I get it…there’s so much conflicting information out there when it comes to managing Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) that it can be difficult to know where to start.⁠

But you don’t have to feel this way because managing your IBS doesn’t have to be overwhelming!

When it’s comes to relieving uncomfortable gut symptoms, the simplest strategies are usually the most effective.

Here are some easy strategies that you can start implementing right away so you can find fast relief from an flare-up:⁠

1. Take at least 20 minutes to finish your meals.

This helps you to slow down while you are eating and decrease the chance of you gulping down air, which can cause bloating. It also helps to prevent overeating, which can cause stomach pain, discomfort and diarrhoea, as your gut has more time to signal to your brain when you are full.

2. Wear loose, comfortable clothing.

Tight clothing can put pressure on the sensitive nerve ending throughout your gut, which can cause bloating and stomach pain, so you want to make sure you are wearing comfy clothes.⁠

3. Use a heat pack or hot water bottle on your tummy.

This helps to relax your stomach muscles and soothe cramping, stomach pain and discomfort.⁠

4. Drink peppermint tea.

This can help to relax and soothe the muscles throughout your gut, decrease bloating and relieve stomach pain.⁠

5. Practice self-care.

This can include yoga, meditation and taking time to rest and relax.⁠ ⁠ This helps to improve your gut-brain connection, which will not only help you relieve your symptoms, but also decrease feelings of stress and anxiety.⁠

6. Eat small, regular meals every 2-4 hours.

Your gut is constantly working and your gut signals to your brain when you’re hungry. This produces acid in preparation for a meal BUT if you don’t eat and are skipping meals gas is produced, which can cause bloating, cramping and stomach pain.⁠

7. Do some gentle and joyful movement.

This can be going for a walk around the block, bike riding or swimming. This helps to stimulate your gut, soothe stomach pain or discomfort, expel excess gas, regulate your bowel habits and improve your gut-brain connection.⁠

8. Get 8 hours of sleep each night.

Not having good sleep hygiene or a bedtime routine can lead to you not getting enough sleep or having poor quality sleep. This can negatively impact your gut health and lead to bloating and unpredictable bowel habits.⁠ It can also lead to fatigue, difficulty concentrating and low mood.

9. Keep a gratitude journal.

This helps to improve your mindset and focus on the positives each day, no matter how big or how small.⁠ It will help you switch your negative thoughts and feelings into something more positive so that you feel empowered to take control of your condition.

10. Get the support of an IBS Dietitian (like me!).

I can hold your hand and guide you every step of the way through EXACTLY how to break free from your IBS for GOOD.


Ready to ditch the diet confusion and find lifetime relief from your IBS?⁠ Inside my IBS Relief Formula Program, I will take you through my proven 3 phase roadmap so you can get to the bottom of your symptoms and manage them without feeling like you can only eat 5 safe foods on rotation, talk about the dream! CLICK HERE to book a FREE Strategy Call with me to get started and see if it’s right for you!



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